• Movement Improves Learning Experience in Schools


Movement Improves Learning Experience in Schools

Erasmus+ project number 2018-1-ES01-KA229-050111
MILES project which, through increased physical activity and brain breaks during school hours, has resulted in an improvement in academic performance, attention span, logical reasoning and healthy habits. This project is aimed at 14-15 years old students in 6 different schools around Europe . Physical activity , well being and learning process are all closely linked. Physical activity promotion is essential inside the schools. Including the daily practice of sports and physical activity during school time can contribute relevantly to healthy lifestyles and health improvement, academic performance and general well-being of students, teachers and academic institutions in general.

First Objective

Improves the physical and mental health of students in the first instance and has indirect repercussions on the whole school community

Second Objective

Improves academic performance

Third Objective

Reduces disciplinary incidences

Fourth Objective

Improves healthy habits

Fifth Objective

Increases students’ attention, specific regard to students with diagnosis of AD/H